A Korea SME is introducing a chemical recycling technology for PET (polyethylene terephthalate) wastes

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A Korean SME specializing in the development of eco-friendly materials and facilities has developed a chemical recycling technology for PET wastes. It is eco-friendly, economical and easy to operate. The company is looking for a partner who is interested in recycling PET and is available for technical cooperation or joint venture.

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World environment is being destroyed by indiscriminate waste disposal. Many enterprises interested in environmentally friendly technologies have developed innovative technologies to help the world be a cleaner place. One of them - a technology of recycling PET waste- has been newly developed by this Korean SME.

Usually PET waste generated by beverage bottles, film and fibers can be recycled in 1 of two ways: materials recycling or chemical recycling. Only clean PET waste can be recycled and dirty ones are incinerated.

In the case of chemical recycling, both kopior klockor clean and dirty PET waste can be recycled by this recycling procedure – and this is the technology that the Korean company is offering.

Generally, Chemical recycling methods are classified into four categories which are Glycolysis, Methanolysis, Hydrolysis, and Ammoloysis. From each recycling method, respective compound is gained : TPA(terephthalic acid), BHET(bis-2-hydroxy ethyl tetrephthalate), DMT(dimethyl terephthalate).

The offered PET recycling technology consists of 3 processes:

1) pre-treatment process
For stabilized reaction of PET waste, a pre-treatment process is essential.

2) Glycolysis process
This process can produce PET Oligomer for UPR (Unsaturated Polyester Resin) and polyol for PU (Poly Urethane). It is quite a stable and economical process.

3) Purification process
This process mainly increases the degree of purity of produced PET Oligomer and polyol. It saves operation costs, and minimizes the amount of secondary waste. Plus, high value-added products can be created from the produced materials.

The company is interested in transferring their technology to overseas companies and would like to establish a local factory. Therefore, any enterprises who are interested in PET waste recycling are welcomed, in the context of a joint venture or technical cooperation agreement

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: - Type of partner sought : companies
- Specific area of activity of the partner : Anyone who is interested in recycling PET
- Task to be performed : contract a technical cooperation, create a joint venture together to localize the end-product

Advantages & innovations:

- Available to treat all of the PET waste
- Possible to make PET waste to value added products
- Cost saving in operation
- Easy to operate
- Minimizing secondary waste

Development Stage:

Available for demonstration - Available for demonstration and the technology actually has been commercialized. PET Oligomer and Polyol are currently produced for sale in Korean market.


Patents granted - Korean patent granted

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