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02/06/2023 - Pyrolysis of raw and film PP/LDPE mixtures by step heating process
19/05/2023 - De?Brominating Flame?Retardant Polystyrene by Utilizing Basic Oxides in Chemical Recycling
10/03/2023 - Chemical recycling of waste polypropylene via thermo?catalytic pyrolysis over HZSM?5 catalysts
03/03/2023 - Dihydroxyterephthalate ? a Trojan Horse PET Counit for Facile Chemical Recycling
14/02/2023 - Single?stage chemical recycling of plastic waste to yield durable composites via a tandem transesterification?thiocracking process
10/02/2023 - Can Pyrolysis Oil Be Used as a Feedstock to Close the Gap in the Circular Economy of Polyolefins?
07/02/2023 - Direct Recycling of WC-Co Grinding Chip
07/02/2023 - Emerging Trends in Closed?loop Recycling Polymers: Monomer Design and Catalytic Bulk Depolymerization
30/01/2023 - Optimization and Kinetic Evaluation for Glycolytic Depolymerization of Post-Consumer PET Waste with Sodium Methoxide
13/01/2023 - One-Pot Tandem Alcoholysis-Hydrogenation of Polylactic Acid to 1,2-Propanediol
11/01/2023 - Advances in the Synthesis of Chemically Recyclable Polymers
09/01/2023 - Development of a Separation Sequence for the?Integration of a Styrene Recyclate into Polystyrene Production
09/01/2023 - New photoinitiators derived from PET waste: Molecular simulations and photocatalytic efficiency
06/01/2023 - Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Converting Waste Polyethylene (PE) to Chemicals and Fuels under Non-Isothermal and Isothermal Conditions
05/01/2023 - Impact of the presence of common polymer additives in thermal and catalytic polyethylene decomposition
21/12/2022 - Evaluating Trans?Benzocyclobutene?Fused Cyclooctene as a Monomer for Chemically Recyclable Polymer
16/12/2022 - A Review of Recycling Methods for Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites
12/12/2022 - Rapid depolymerization of PET by employing an integrated melt-treatment and diols
08/12/2022 - Chemical recycling and upcycling of poly(Bisphenol A carbonate) via metal acetate catalyzed glycolysis
07/12/2022 - CO2 fixation and PCHC depolymerization by dinuclear ??diketiminato zinc complex
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