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06/10/2020 - Waste Rubber Pyrolysis: Product Yields and Limonene Concentration
11/09/2020 - A Critical Review of SCWG in the Context of Available Gasification Technologies for Plastic Waste
10/08/2020 - Recirculation potential of post-consumer /industrial bio-based plastics through mechanical recycling - Techno-economic sustainability criteria and indicators
10/08/2020 - Epimerization and chain scission of polylactides in the presence of TBD
10/08/2020 - Efficient and green catalytic degradation of high crosslinked rigid PU foam and recovery value-added products via selective cleavage of C?O and C?N bonds
10/08/2020 - Glycolysis reactivity of D-isosorbide-containing copolyesters for chemical recycling of glycol-modified polyesters
07/08/2020 - Chemical recycling of PET: A stepping?stone toward sustainability
31/07/2020 - The effect of thermal and non-thermal routes on treatment of the Mg?Al layered double hydroxide catalyst dispersed by titania nanoparticles in products distribution arising from poly(ethylene terephthalate) degradation
28/07/2020 - Towards a circular economy for plastic packaging wastes ? the environmental potential of chemical recycling
28/07/2020 - Progress in Reaction Mechanisms and Reactor Technologies for Thermochemical Recycling of Poly(methyl methacrylate)
17/07/2020 - Catalytic chemical recycling of biodegradable polyesters
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05/05/2020 - Facile synthesis, characterization, and ab?initio DFT simulations of energy efficient NN? dialkyl 1,4 benzene dicarboxamide monomers recovered from PET bottle waste
05/05/2020 - Synthesis and Aromaticity of Benzene?Fused Doubly N?Confused Porphyrins
18/03/2020 - Synthesis and Analysis of Reactive Dividing?Wall Distillation Process for Methylal Production
09/03/2020 - Effect of Bio-Based Products on Waste Management
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