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22/12/2021 - Development of sustainable microwave-based approach to recover glass fibers for wind turbine blades composite waste
21/12/2021 - Poliuretanos y otros pol?meros de alto valor a?adido como resultado del reciclado de Poli(etilen tereftalato)
08/11/2021 - Possibility Routes for Textile Recycling Technology
08/11/2021 - Recycling of Waste Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Composites: A Patent-Based Analysis
26/10/2021 - Recent Progress in Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers Recycling: A Review of Recycling Methods and Reuse of Carbon Fibers
21/10/2021 - Study on the optimized Al2O3?SO3H catalysis for a new formaldehyde recovery process
24/09/2021 - Chemical Recycling of PET in the Presence of the Bio-Based Polymers, PLA, PHB and PEF: A Review
09/09/2021 - Single pot catalyst strategy to branched products via adhesive isomerization and hydrocracking of polyethylene over platinum tungstated zirconia
07/09/2021 - Recycling of carbon fiber-reinforced epoxy resin composite via a novel acetic acid swelling technology
31/08/2021 - Sponge-like Chitosan Based Porous Monolith for Uraemic Toxins Sorption
24/08/2021 - Conversion of Marine Litter from Venice Lagoon into Marine Fuels via Thermochemical Route: The Overview of Products, Their Yield, Quality and Environmental Impact
30/07/2021 - Kinetical Study, Thermo-Mechanical Characteristics and Recyclability of Epoxidized Camelina Oil Cured with Antagonist Structure (Aliphatic/Aromatic) or Functionality (Acid/Amine) Hardeners
28/07/2021 - Recycling of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Composites?Difficulties and Future Perspectives
26/07/2021 - Waste to Value-Added Product: Developing Electrically Conductive Nanocomposites Using a Non-Recyclable Plastic Waste Containing Vulcanized Rubber
17/07/2021 - Directing Depolymerization of PET with Subcritical and Supercritical Ethanol to Different Monomers through Changes in Operation Conditions
07/06/2021 - Influence of the Feedstock on the Process Parameters, Product Composition and Pilot-Scale Cracking of Plastics
31/05/2021 - Valorisation of polylactic acid (PLA) waste: A comparative life cycle assessment of various solvent-based chemical recycling technologies
03/05/2021 - Strategic Possibility Routes of Recycled PET
28/04/2021 - Glycolysis of Polyurethanes Composites Containing Nanosilica
12/04/2021 - Ultrafast microwave assisted recycling of PET to a family of functional precursors and materials
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