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20/06/2022 - Recycling Process of a Basalt Fiber-Epoxy Laminate by Solvolysis: Mechanical and Optical Tests
20/06/2022 - Multiscale modeling of hydrogenolysis of ethane and propane on Ru(0001): Implications for plastics recycling
15/06/2022 - Chemical Recycling of a Textile Blend from Polyester and Viscose, Part I: Process Description, Characterization, and Utilization of the Recycled Cellulose
15/06/2022 - Multi-Scale Modeling of Plastic Waste Gasification: Opportunities and Challenges
13/06/2022 - Hydrophilic and hydrophobic silica?based nanocomposites of chemically recyclable thermoset
10/06/2022 - Microwave-responsive SiC foam@zeolite core-shell structured catalyst for catalytic pyrolysis of plastics
09/06/2022 - A Journey from Processing to Recycling of Multilayer Waste Films: A Review of Main Challenges and Prospects
07/06/2022 - Chemical Recycling of a Textile Blend from Polyester and Viscose, Part II: Mechanism and Reactivity during Alkaline Hydrolysis of Textile Polyester
27/05/2022 - Conformational bias in density functional theory ring strain energy calculations of cyclopentene derivatives: Towards predictive design of chemically recyclable elastomers
24/05/2022 - Chemical recycling of waste polystyrene by thermo-catalytic pyrolysis: A description for different feedstocks, catalysts and operation modes
23/05/2022 - Recycling of polyethylene terephthalate wastes: A review of technologies, routes, and applications
20/05/2022 - Chemical upcycling of poly(ethylene terephthalate) waste: Moving to a circular model
13/05/2022 - Nitrogen Poisoning of HDPE and LLDPE based on Chemically Recycled Post?Consumer Plastic via a Kinetic and Microstructural Modeling Technique
12/05/2022 - Chemically recyclable crosslinked thiol?ene photopolymers via thiol?disulfide exchange reactions
02/05/2022 - Chemical recycling to monomers: Industrial Bisphenol?A?Polycarbonates to novel aliphatic polycarbonate materials
02/05/2022 - Environment-friendly recycling of CFRP composites via gentle solvent system at atmospheric pressure
27/04/2022 - Methanolysis of Poly(lactic Acid) Using Catalyst Mixtures and the Kinetics of Methyl Lactate Production
31/03/2022 - Critical advances and future opportunities in upcycling commodity polymers
24/03/2022 - Fast and sustainable recycling of epoxy and composites using mixed solvents
15/03/2022 - Synthesis of Rigid Polyurethane Foams Incorporating Polyols from Chemical Recycling of Post-Industrial Waste Polyurethane Foams
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