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01/12/2022 - Attempts to Optimizing the Synthesis of Hypercrosslinked Polystyrene. Reactions with in situ Formed Monochlorodimethyl Ether
29/11/2022 - Chemical Recycling of High-Molecular-Weight Organosilicon Compounds in Supercritical Fluids
29/11/2022 - Efficient Depolymerization of Glass Fiber Reinforced PET Composites
22/11/2022 - Norbornene as Key for a Possible Efficient Chemical Recycling in Structures Based on Ethylene
22/11/2022 - Organocatalytic depolymerization of poly(trimethylene carbonate)
14/11/2022 - Plastics Industry Responds to Greenpeace Report, Attacks on Plastic Recycling
14/11/2022 - Synthesis and ex?situ evaluation of quaternized polysulfone as an anion exchange ionomer for AEM technologies
11/11/2022 - End-of-life fishing gear in Spain: Quantity and recyclability
10/11/2022 - Full Recycling and Re-Use of Bio-Based Epoxy Thermosets: Chemical and Thermomechanical Characterization of the Recycled Matrices
04/11/2022 - Fully rosin-based epoxy vitrimers with high mechanical and thermostability properties, thermo-healing and closed-loop recycling
26/10/2022 - Highly engineerable Schiff base polymer matrix with facile fiber composite manufacturability and hydrothermal recyclability
20/10/2022 - Chemical Recycling of Polyolefins Waste Materials Using Supercritical Water
16/09/2022 - Environmental Impacts of End-of-Life Options of Biobased and Fossil-Based Polyethylene Terephthalate and High-Density Polyethylene Packaging
02/09/2022 - Functional Liquid Crystal Elastomers Based on Dynamic Covalent Chemistry
15/08/2022 - Hybrid Coatings of SiO2–Recycled PET Unsaturated Polyester Resin by Sol-Gel Process
10/08/2022 - Economical Chemical Recycling of Complex PET Waste in the Form of Active Packaging Material
01/08/2022 - Current Prospects for Plastic Waste Treatment
01/08/2022 - Recent Advances in Catalytic Pyrolysis of Municipal Plastic Waste for the Production of Hydrocarbon Fuels
21/07/2022 - Recovery of Green Polyols from Rigid Polyurethane Waste by Catalytic Depolymerization
20/07/2022 - The organic chemistry behind the recycling of poly(bisphenol?A carbonate) for the preparation of chemical precursors: A review
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