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15/10/2021 - Covestro Aims to Close Material Cycle for PU Rigid Foams
14/10/2021 - EU innovation platform says ABS chemical recycling project ???Market ready??? / Collaboration with Indaver
14/10/2021 - Senbis Polymer Innovations B.V. releases whitepaper on evaluating recycled PET grades
14/10/2021 - Lanxess launches sustainable high-performance plastic
12/10/2021 - ExxonMobil plans 'large-scale' advanced recycling plant
12/10/2021 - IHS Markit Analysis Indicates Need for Multibillion-Dollar Capital Spending to Achieve a “Circular Plastics Economy” by 2050
08/10/2021 - Chemical recycling plant for flexible plastic packaging in Mexico / 6,000 t expected to be recycled in the first year
08/10/2021 - Doubling of recycled plastics production capacity in France
07/10/2021 - Amcor creates recycled cooking oil bottle for Colombian brand
07/10/2021 - Demo plant for enzymatic recycling tech in France / Depolymerisation to make PET into virgin-quality resin / Weak H1 financial results
07/10/2021 - PolyQuest Subsidiary Acquires US Division of Faith Group
06/10/2021 - Covestro and Interseroh to jointly establish value-adding cycles
06/10/2021 - PU-Materials can be Depolymerized into Monomeric Building Blocks Through Chemical Recycling
06/10/2021 - Covestro and Interseroh to jointly establish value-adding cycles
06/10/2021 - Faith Group Co. is sold; Faith Group USA remains
06/10/2021 - Packaging makers join ACC to broaden plastics advocacy work
05/10/2021 - Covestro and Interseroh Sign MoU for Innovative Recycling of Plastic Waste
05/10/2021 - TotalEnergies Doubles Recycled Polypropylene Capacity in France
01/10/2021 - EPA opens review of chemical recycling rules
30/09/2021 - Feasibility study on chemical recycling / Cooperation with Mura, KBR
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