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24/01/2023 - Cellulose Fibre Innovation of the Year 2023 ? From Hygiene Products, Sustainability Improved Technologies to Cellulose from Textile Waste and Banana Production Waste
20/01/2023 - Lamor?s Chemical Recycling Facility for Plastics Progresses to Next Phase
20/01/2023 - Licencing agreement for Tacoil process in South Korea / Strategic partnership with SK picglobal for Asian countries
19/01/2023 - SK Geo Centric & Plastic Energy Partner to Build Pyrolysis Plant in South Korea
19/01/2023 - Perspective: What you may not have heard at the hearing
17/01/2023 - This week's issue is out now | Jan. 16, 2023
11/01/2023 - SK Geo Centric Signs MoU with Plastic Energy to Build Pyrolysis Plant in Ulsan ARC
11/01/2023 - Economy, environment or both'
11/01/2023 - An exclusive interview with Giulia Gregori, Novamont. ?Specific codes for the biobased industries are fundamental to fully exploit the circular bioeconomy?potential?
10/01/2023 - K 2022: Europe chemical recycling investment continues but waste supply access remains a challenge
09/01/2023 - AIMPLAS Participates in the EU REPurpose Project on Safe and Sustainable Design of Elastomeric Plastics from Recycling of Post-consumer Waste
05/01/2023 - AIMPLAS Takes Part in REPurpose Project on Creating TPEs from Post-consumer Waste
05/01/2023 - Nexus Circular attracts more investment
04/01/2023 - Sumitomo Chemical Builds New Pilot Facility for Chemical Recycling of Acrylic Resin
29/12/2022 - Sumitomo Chemical Completes Construction of Acrylic Chemical Recycling Pilot Plant
26/12/2022 - Environmentalists nab win on chemical recycling in federal budget
23/12/2022 - Michigan adopts industry-backed chemical recycling rules
22/12/2022 - US chemical recycling plant to process 90,000 t/y / Shell signs deal for entire output
21/12/2022 - Senators wade into debate on chemical recycling of plastics
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