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21/02/2020 - Investigating Wasted Opportunities in Medical Plastics Recycling
20/02/2020 - Chemical recycling - Versalis to launch Hoop, for an infinitely recyclable plastic
19/02/2020 - Versalis launches Hoop to chemically recycle plastic waste
19/02/2020 - Recycling industry is strong and robust, claims annual report
19/02/2020 - Trinseo partners with CEDAP on polystyrene application development
17/02/2020 - Chemical recycling partnership with Plastic Energy brings ???Trucircle??? polymers to further collaborations
17/02/2020 - Amcor launches PET container made from 100% PCR resin for Ritual Multivitamins
13/02/2020 - Avery Dennison joins SABIC in its TRUCIRCLE™ initiative
13/02/2020 - First PET container for Ritual Multivitamins made from 100% PCR
12/02/2020 - Amcor reveals latest designs in PET bottle and announces collaboration with Gar?on Wines
11/02/2020 - Avery Dennison joins Sabic in its Trucircle? initiative
11/02/2020 - La segunda edición de la Conferencia Europea sobre Reciclaje Químico se celebrará en mayo en Bruselas
10/02/2020 - New Method to Chemically Recycle Plant-based Plastics Without Losing Quality
06/02/2020 - MURA receives investment from igus to support the deployment of its chemical recycling technology
06/02/2020 - New way of recycling plant
06/02/2020 - SABIC outlines intentions for ?TRUCIRCLE? to close loop on plastics recycling
06/02/2020 - Environmental expert to Chinese government: banning single
04/02/2020 - UK researchers develop new method of recycling plant-based plastics
04/02/2020 - AMI publicará en mayo el informe ?Chemical Recycling ? The Global Status in 2020?
04/02/2020 - Trinseo and CEDAP to implement recycled polystyrene in food packaging
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