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30/09/2021 - Launch of ???circular??? product line / Recycled acrylics and polyolefins
27/09/2021 - Quantafuel expands into the UK to help solve plastic waste problem
24/09/2021 - New brand of Sumitomo Chemical for recycled materials
24/09/2021 - PlasticsEurope is in favor of the recycled material in plastic packaging by 2030
23/09/2021 - Senate hearing asks ?Can plastic recycling be more like paper?'
21/09/2021 - Research guides future of plastic waste chemical recycling
16/09/2021 - Name change to reflect focus on circular economy / Major investment in plastic waste recycling, green materials
15/09/2021 - Sumitomo launches Meguri brand for sustainable resins
03/09/2021 - Carpet recycling group honors individuals, companies in diversion efforts
03/09/2021 - Recycling Facility to Process All Household Plastic Waste in Sweden
02/09/2021 - Twin-screw extruder ?TEX? technology from JSW for chemical recycling
31/08/2021 - Emmi develops recycled coffee cups with Borealis and Greiner Packaging
30/08/2021 - Agilyx, Kumho look at using recycled PS in synthetic rubber
30/08/2021 - Huhtamaki, RiverRecycle, VTT team up to tackle river waste
27/08/2021 - Sumitomo Builds Pilot Plant for Chemical Recycling of Acrylic Resin
27/08/2021 - Popular European Iced Coffee Brand Switches to Chemically Recycled Plastic Cups
27/08/2021 - Hot News in Plastic Packaging Sustainability
17/08/2021 - New Way to Develop Strong and Recyclable Thermoplastic
16/08/2021 - Mitsubishi Chemical to Develop Plastic Recycling Project Using Mura?s Technology
06/08/2021 - Scientist Develops Recyclable Materials to Solve Plastic Sustainability Issues
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