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12/11/2021 - Innovations in the spirit of the circular economy
12/11/2021 - $50M Plastic Innovation Fund Open Now
11/11/2021 - Aduro, Switch focus on recycling agricultural plastics
11/11/2021 - ProAmpac’s Recycle Ready Retort Pouch Validated by Two Advanced Recycling Firms
09/11/2021 - Plastic Energy raises $167.7m in capital from three investors?
05/11/2021 - APR creates ?working group' to examine chemical recycling
05/11/2021 - In APR nasce gruppo sul riciclo chimico
05/11/2021 - Launch of recycled PLA grades / Partners sought to boost collection and sorting of post-use PLA
04/11/2021 - Study: Chemical recycling may need decades to be ?low cost'
03/11/2021 - New secretary general for European Chemical Recycling
03/11/2021 - Sustainability at the core of Plastics Europe's new image
03/11/2021 - Bioplastics can be Chemically Transformed into Nitrogen-Rich Fertilizers
02/11/2021 - New Way to Chemically Recycles Bioplastics into Nitrogen-rich Fertilizers
02/11/2021 - Plants from plastics: Bio-based polymers can be transformed into fertilizer
02/11/2021 - What Is SPRING and Why Is It Needed in Packaging Now?
01/11/2021 - ICIS Launches Global Database of Chemical Recycling Projects
29/10/2021 - Lanxess presents sustainable high-performance plastic
28/10/2021 - First joint chemical recycling plant planned for the Netherlands
28/10/2021 - Plastics recycling group growing, sees more work ahead
28/10/2021 - LANXESS? New PA6 Compound with 92% Sustainable Raw Material
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