AIMPLAS looks to educate through AIMPLAS Academy

Spanish based researcher and education provider, AIMPLAS is offering a new course through its education arm; AIMPLAS academy.? ? AIMPLAS academy

The course titled ?Chemical recycling of plastic materials? comes in at around 40 hours long, registration is open until the 15th?December 2023 and once the course has?started it has to be completed within two months. The course costs ?392 for AIMPLAS members?and ?490 for non-AIMPLAS members.?

According to AIMPLAS, the course has six learning objectives, these are:

  • Learn the characteristics of plastic materials and waste.
  • Identify the different types of chemical recycling applicable to plastic waste.
  • Understand the complementarity of chemical recycling and mechanical recycling.
  • Understand the different existing processes, their characteristics and the products obtained.
  • Analyse some of the aspects related to legal issues and the control of recycled content (mass balance).
  • Learn the trends in chemical recycling.

With this in mind,?the course being aimed at three main groups:

  • Technicians in the plastics industry, raw materials, waste managers and recyclers.
  • Technical students who want to familiarise themselves with and explore the possibilities presented by chemical recycling.
  • ?Industrial partners and customers.

The course is taught by AIMPLAS researcher Mireia Fern?ndez Baz?n and has been specially designed for online teaching with?modular and interactive multimedia content. AIMPLAS professional technicians collaborate in its development and implementation, through personalised tutorials. The course will also contain?Q&A video conference sessions with a maximum duration of one hour.

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» Publication Date: 09/05/2023

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