Neste processes 400t of liquefied plastic waste in Finland

Oil refining and marketing company Neste has successfully processed 400t of liquefied plastic waste at its refinery in Finland.

The company has performed an industrial-scale processing run with liquefied waste plastic for the first time.

During the process, the company upgraded the packaging and mixed waste plastics into high-quality recycled feedstock for use in petrochemical industry.

Neste renewable polymers and chemicals executive vice-president Mercedes Alonso said: ?We are very excited to have successfully completed our very first industrial-scale processing run with liquefied waste plastic.

?While there is still a lot of work to be done, this is a huge step for our industry towards turning hard-to-recycle plastics from waste to a valuable resource, making circularity a reality.

?Together with the renewable feedstock that we have already been providing for the production of high-quality, high-performance polymers and chemicals with reduced carbon footprint, these new volumes produced through chemical recycling of plastic waste will significantly contribute to accelerating the necessary shift towards the circular bioeconomy for plastics.?

The achievement is in line with Neste?s strategy to promote circular economy and replace the use of crude oil at its refineries.

The company has set a goal of processing more than one million tonnes of waste plastic a year, starting from 2030.

Plastic producing company Ravago has helped Neste in sourcing liquefied waste plastic for the processing.

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